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Do you need your ad text, exposé or presentation translated? I offer translations from and into the following languages:

English <> German

Spanish > German

Czech > German

Charlotte Schinnerl - Übersetzen
Four-eyes principle

To ensure a quality product, my translations are revised by me and one of my trusted colleagues. Please note that these services (e.g. proofreading by a colleague) must be included in the final price. Please get in touch for a non-binding quote.

CAT tools

As a language professional, I use CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation Tools). These tools make the translation process more efficient, e.g. by ensuring the use of consistent terminology. CAT tools are not to be confused with machine translation. While CAT tools support human translators in their translation process, a purely machine-translated text is not able to reflect (cultural and linguistic) nuances. Find out more under “Post-editing”.

Areas of expertise

Website texts

Ad texts

European Union

Scientific papers and texts (particularly in the field of humanities)

I also translate text types not listed above, please inquire.

Quality assurance 


High quality work and fair pay go hand in hand. That is why my fees align with the Austrian Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association’s recommendations.

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