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Are you planning to hold a multilingual conference or event and looking for professional interpretation? Look no further! Choose from the following interpreting modes (I would be delighted to help you find the suitable mode for your project):

Language combinations

English <> German

Spanish > German

Czech > German

Charlotte Schinnerl - Dolmetschen

Simultaneous interpreting (SI)

Also referred to as “live” interpreting. A simultaneous interpreter's natural habitat is the interpreting booth. Simultaneous interpreters convey a speaker’s oral message into a target language in real-time. This process requires the interpreter to actively listen, mentally analyze and understand the source message, while simultaneously rendering its content into the target language.
For small groups or individuals who require interpretating, it is possible to provide chuchotage, also known as whispered simultaneous interpreting. As the interpreter stands or sits alongside the target audience, no technical equipment is necessary.
SI is a highly complex process, therefore interpreters always work in a team of two. It is recommended that they take turns after approx. 30 minutes. I am happy to contact colleagues if this is of interest to you.

Additional note on interpreting combinations:

In case a team of two interpreters is needed for an assignment (for simultaneous or longer consecutive assignments), it is possible to provide interpretation into Spanish and/or Czech. Please inquire well in advance. 


High quality work and fair pay go hand in hand. That is why my fees align with the Austrian Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association’s recommendations.

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