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Linguistic revision and consulting

Linguistic accuracy, consistent formulations and text coherence are not just buzzwords for you? I’m happy to give your texts the right finishing touch.

I offer linguistic revision for the following languages:


Charlotte Schinnerl - Revision


Proofreading means reviewing your texts for linguistic, orthographic, and typographic accuracy.

Gender-fair language

Linguistic consulting and text revision

You are committed to diversity and want to convey this core value in your texts? Using inclusive and non-discriminatory language when addressing individuals, regardless of their gender, is of special importance to me. I am happy to advise you on gendering strategies in German and English and on how to use them in your texts, from academic papers to social media posts.

Linguistic revision

Alongside reviewing linguistic accuracy (as is done when proofreading), linguistic revision includes stylistic advice. I will make grammatical, orthographical and spelling corrections. Also, rephrasing may be carried out. I will pay attention to cohesive argumentation throughout the text, the use of gender-fair language and correct content. I will also review whether a text reads coherently, is suitable for a specific target group and, most of all, can be easily understandable.

Terminology and corporate language

Ensuring terminological accuracy and using corporate language reflect professionalism in your texts (no matter if translation, post-editing or text creation). That said, please be sure to provide me with any corporate or terminological guidelines that need to be followed.


High-quality work requires fair pay. Please refer to the pricing list for detailed information.

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